[lm-sensors] your artwork?
Erica // Artist Relations // VIDA
2016-08-05 18:11:31 UTC
Hello There,

I'm reaching out as I came across your artwork, and I’m so impressed by your aesthetic!I think you'd be perfect for VIDA.
VIDA is a Google Ventures backed company that works with a select group of artists from around the world, transforming their artwork into luxury fashion and apparel products. Here at VIDA, we work with well known illustrators, photographers and artists to showcases their work on high quality apparel and accessories like silk scarves and tops.
Becoming a VIDA designer is a free 2 step process.
1: Create your profile at http://studio.shopvida.com : http://prod01.1pointinteractive.com/Stats/CountClickedLinks.aspx?N0pOeHQ9NINhDAuO3SQS6VJgU7MnPKGN-p9eC+InJtx4Zc4jTRyMeTDumgN4w6yxBTF39XuVKCnQ9M5OQsvSN7aklK4A33GVz
2: Upload your artwork to create your products
We work directly with artists to convert their design vision into beautiful, quality tops and scarves and sell their products through their own branded VIDA Collection pages. Our artists receive a portion of net sales for every design sold. Additionally, for every VIDA product sold, we offer literacy programs for our factory workers.
I hope you'll accept our invitation to become a VIDA artist and join our ever growing community of more than 10,000+ artists and designers. We will be deeply honored to have the opportunity to work with you.
Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I’m really looking forward to your submission on http://studio.shopvida.com : http://prod01.1pointinteractive.com/Stats/CountClickedLinks.aspx?N0pOeHQ9NINhDAuO3SQS6VJgU7MnPKGN-p9eC+InJtx4Zc4jTRyMeTDumgN4w6yxBTF39XuVKCnQ9M5OQsvSN7aklK4A33GVz!
Erica Carter
Head of Artist Relations
44 Tehama Street | San Francisco CA 94105
Phone: 1.877.529.VIDA | Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm PST
website : http://prod01.1pointinteractive.com/Stats/CountClickedLinks.aspx?N0pOeHQ9NINhDAuO3SQS6VJgU7MnPKGN-p9eC+InJtx7tOr0cY6JFoY7erVuZMouqkD1R4nZbJtbUcU4RxQf33QwVIay6RBAT|email : mailto:***@shopvida.com http://prod01.1pointinteractive.com/Stats/CountClickedLinks.aspx?N0pOeHQ9NINhDAuO3SQS6VJgU7MnPKGN-p9eC+InJtx7xdIbIwgLg3+5Aq0M+3lJyiANg9hde0XgFwA220Q0G3nslsFMkDBjr http://prod01.1pointinteractive.com/Stats/CountClickedLinks.aspx?N0pOeHQ9NINhDAuO3SQS6VJgU7MnPKGN-p9eC+InJtx6H9clztA0XGeiNn8rOk99eERi3uqVmaI0Pxj8qx9KRRFr62RjYMtzd http://prod01.1pointinteractive.com/Stats/CountClickedLinks.aspx?N0pOeHQ9NINhDAuO3SQS6VJgU7MnPKGN-p9eC+InJtx4N2jHZ4IQ7GGfzXZ0W4azN+SeqSslytlIyb6/i6FutmvkVOwrVSDYr http://prod01.1pointinteractive.com/Stats/CountClickedLinks.aspx?N0pOeHQ9NINhDAuO3SQS6VJgU7MnPKGN-p9eC+InJtx4838IFjmwRUMeOmIM45xudRXtl3LPn4orxxDojUv5AaQoY3MVppTCB

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